Thursday, March 17, 2011



"TRY to forget me - that's the best way to remember."

These words are from one of my classmates. When I went on holidays

last time, I got a chance to go through an autograph book kept at

my home. It's been there for some decades. My memories flew

back for a while to my childhood and young age when I had a lot of

classmates and friends. Almost all will be fathers and mothers and

some must have become grandfathers and grandmothers too. During

this time, I thought what all must have faced and will be facing in

their lives with its sweet and sour periods.  Still, once in a while

like this, to be along with the memory of such a past is indeed a
sweet experience.


Johnald Relova said...

sweet memories, dr kumar... it's wonderful to be looking at some mementos that remind us of our beautiful past.. some are good, some are bad - but to me they are all wonderful and sweet!!!

Dr Premkumaran Nair Malankot said...

Thank you very much, Jonald. You are right.