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"TRY to forget me - that's the best way to remember."

These words are from one of my classmates. When I went on holidays

last time, I got a chance to go through an autograph book kept at

my home. It's been there for some decades. My memories flew

back for a while to my childhood and young age when I had a lot of

classmates and friends. Almost all will be fathers and mothers and

some must have become grandfathers and grandmothers too. During

this time, I thought what all must have faced and will be facing in

their lives with its sweet and sour periods.  Still, once in a while

like this, to be along with the memory of such a past is indeed a
sweet experience.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Asthma Cure – I recollect the caption underneath a photograph that appeared in a newspaper a few years back.  The snap shot was of a man opening his mouth wide and catching a rat at its tail, about to swallow it!  In the sense, by swallowing rats, he was following a traditional method that exists in a Far East country to fetch a cure from asthma.  So, it means that an asthma patient may go to this extent if his sticky situation reaches to an end.  Isn’t it?  Of course, asthma is some times horrible not only for the patients but also for the ones who observe that unfortunate sight of and fight for breathing. (They may tell others to leave the place and not to witness the scene leaving them alone!) Nevertheless, I feel that the patients can still choose a better way than the horrifying method that narrated above.

The practitioners in modern medicine believe that asthma is caused by allergy in most of the cases.  There is no shortage of different systems of medicine in our country and thus numerous medicines are available in allopathic and also in other systems.  However, many of these medicines – particularly those in line with modern medicine, even after taking proper advice - while giving a relief to the patient or subsequent to the sign of ‘cure’, do result/terminate in other ailments, especially skin troubles!   (As a result, the patients are trying different systems of medicine, one by one, making the case still worse!) On the contrary, the Naturopaths advise natural and safe methods of treatment to cure asthma – of course gradually and thus completely without any ill effects.   

Asthma is caused by excess of phlegm and some times the body loses its ability to expel the same.  A teaspoon measurement of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of warm milk helps to expel the excessive phlegm. Also, when the bronchial tubes get congested, the patient becomes unable to breathe easy but with difficulty by making wheezing/rattling sound and having chest pain.   

Normally, by experience the patient knows as to why and/or when asthma occurs in his/her case.  Accordingly, it is advised to avoid such a circumstance as a timely precaution.  Some are allergic to some particular types of smell of perfumes and cosmetics, weather conditions, food items and also when in contact with certain materials.  To some, physical and mental exertions cause the complexity.  Hence, as mentioned, the patient has to take a preventive measure by understanding his/her nature.

In my opinion, reducing the medicines (that the patient has been taking) gradually and thus wholly in due course - depending upon the severity of asthma, should give importance to the proper eating habits. In order to prevent formation of phlegm, milk and milk products, sugar, rice, fried items etc. are to be reduced or avoided - also, the food items that make constipation.  In this connection, intake of sufficient quantity of water – preferably warm water (if it is a decoction of cumin seed, well and good) is a significant factor to be remembered so as to avoid constipation and also to avoid the attack of asthma.  Over eating or a stomach full meal is not at all advisable.  

The asthma patients are required to fast once in a week and also occasional enema will help to cleanse the bowels and thus clear the movement of bowels.   

Decoction of Adathoda leaves is very effective in asthmatics.  Similarly, juice of basil leaves with honey is proved much beneficial in Bronchial Asthma. 

Naturopaths advise the patients for doing Pranayama (Anuloma-Viloma, Ujjayi etc.) and certain Yoga exercises.  Pranayama can prevent the patient’s nature of bronchial passages getting congested. The writer does remember very well that years before a well qualified medical practitioner in modern medicine had advised his asthma patient to do Pranayama (when he is not suffering the problem)!  I do admire the doctor’s open mentality to accept the fact from his experience.  In the treatment by nature cure methods, the physician considers not only the main symptoms but also the total picture of the symptoms presented by and observed in the patient with a view to eradicate the root cause, as the aliment/s have a tendency to move from its ‘center’ to the ‘circumference’ and create more tribulations – especially when the patient has a history of treatment by powerful medicines with side effects!    In fact, the words ‘treatment’ and ‘cure’ will have their real, inner and vast meaning only when the patient is treated by this required manner i.e. treatment to the ‘patient as a whole’ and not to the ‘particular ailment’.  

In a nutshell, let me mention boldly but without feeling the need of blowing a horn, by taking up natural methods of treatment, asthma - as same as the other so-called chronic ailments - could be cured without any medication and losing the body’s vital force by unwanted medicines that pave way to other ailments.
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“Bharathamenna perkettal abhimanapoorithamakanam antharangam,

Keralamennu kettalo, thilakkanam chora namukku njarambukalil.”

May I give an addendum to the aforementioned popular verse of our poet, for our sake?

Thiruvazhiyadennu kettal, udanunaranam nammal, nallapol pravarthikkuvanai.      

     Oru Desathinte Katha, written by one of my favorite writers and “Jnanpith Award” winner, late S.K. Pottekkad,  is what came to my mind when I reminisced and took my pen to write something about my Desam.  Of course, though I wish, don’t intend to narrate a story as such about my Desam; nevertheless, I can’t refrain from writing a little about her.
     Whenever my Desam - the lovely bird comes to me by flying to perch up on my mind as same as my beloved mother, she also brings in a lot of nostalgic feelings as I, particularly, am a Marunadan Malayali since more than three and a half decades.   Moreover, if it is at a leisure time, I clearly visualize the memories as if on a silver screen - The puzhampalam and the bank of river where, I feel, the souls of our beloved old people still exist, the Government Upper Primary School where I studied which was and is the only medium for basic education (but, produced and still produces a number of intellectuals!), the old Y.M.A. office, Mannam of Kozhikkad Bhagavathi, Ganapathiamkodam, the old Vayanasala (from where I could read a lot of books) managed by late Sreedharan Unni Kartha and its premises where we practised Idakkali of Kanyarkali alias Malamakkali, Narasimha Murthi Temple and the temple pond, Mariamman Kovil, Kozhikkad Kavu etc., etc. 

     Thiruvazhiyad - How beautiful my Desam’s name is and how beautiful my Desam’s look is!  My Desam is blessed with Nature and its beauty of greenery.  I am an ardent lover of Nature and natural nitty-gritty.  That could be the background for my becoming a Naturopath ultimately.  Being a humble writer in general and a writer of articles on Nature Cure methods in particular in the newspapers/periodicals (also since some time in the line of treatment), I am now glad to write down a few lines about my own Desam and I dedicate this write-up to her with lots of love. 

     When I talked about the Nature, I would also like to tell you about the poets who loved Nature – the great poets, William Wordsworth and Rabindranath Tagore, who is a Nobel Laureate as well.  While the former wrote, “An Ode to a Skylark” and “The Solitary Reaper”, the later wrote, “Krishna Kali” (Black Bud).  The skylark flies and flies up on the sky making us think about message that wants to convey to us.  The Solitary Reaper has lot of comparisons with Krishna Kali or vice versa.  The lonely girl reaps in the field of greenery and the black beautiful girl is always seen alone in the scenery.  I know, by now at least some of you, the readers, must be wondering as to why I am mentioning all these here. Is n’t it?   Because…………………… I just would like to ask you that haven’t you seen this lark, reaper girl and black beauty in the green-blanketed fields of our Desam???  Yes, dear – you have seen them.  But, “Muttathe mullakyu manamilla” – Isn’t it?

     In my school days, I was lucky to have good teachers most of whom were natives of Thiruvazhiyad Desam itself.  When I was new to school in first standard, while taking bath at Thiruvazhiyad puzha, to the question of Baletta, my family member, as to who is my teacher, I replied seriously, “a fat master like my father”.  He, my father and another master who were there could not control their laugh.   Not finished; it reached to Veeran Master’s (Meerankutty Sahib) ears also through the master who was taking bath along with us.  On the other hand, I heard, Veeran Master, who was with a typical gray moustache, did enjoy it thoroughly by laughing and laughing, shaking his potbelly!  He knew my father, who was also a teacher in another school.  My “slogan” not only did spread out very soon among the teachers and students but also some of the senior naughty boys started singing while passing through the road in front of my house, “Ache poloru manthan mash, Hai, Ache poloru manthan mash….”  Though I was afraid of Veeran Master in the beginning, slowly I began to like him, as he was a very nice man, almost with my father’s nature – both physically and mentally.

     There was a cultural association named Y.M.A. (Young Men’s Association) i.e. Yuva Jana Sangham in which the then young men like Velu Master, K. Ramachandran (our respected ex-Panchayat Members) etc. were involved.  Every year or so,  YMA used to celebrate with cultural programs including its main attraction, Drama.  I noticed, though the religious background, custom etc. were not known very well, they had selected dramas that tell Christian stories written by C.L. Jose etc. (as if YMA stands for YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association!) It shows the members’ and art lovers’ open and secular mentality to accept anything that they like without any religion, cast and creed!  Similarly, once, the schoolteachers also had acted, selecting a drama, “Vishakkattu” in which heroine was Elsy from Thrissur.  If I am not mistaken, she is the same popular cine actress, Thrissur Elsy.  Echu Master, the wit master of ours (Lakshmanan Unni) did do a role in this drama covering his baldhead with a wig to make us laugh more! YMA’s office was next to the then popular general merchant of Thiruvazhiyad, Ahmed Kabeer.  By the way, while I mentioned in this para about Thiruvazhiyad people’s open mentality to accept anything without any discrimination as mentioned above, I can’t keep quiet without mentioning about my friend Abbas Ahmed Kabeer, who, though a Muslim, opted his first language in school days as Sanskrit reminding us the Arabic Teacher Gopalika Antharjanam, Kathakali Singer late Kalamandalam Hyderali etc. who had become a news for some time in the yester years. 

     While Malayalis are familiar with Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan’s Adhyatma Ramayanam (Kilippattu), Thiruvazhiyad preferred to hear the story of Kambar Ramayanam  of Tamil poet Kambar by Pulavars in Pavakkoothu.  Kooth Abhishekam  is still misunderstood as Vela of other places and is being ridiculed by some illiterates while, naturally, it can’t compete with Vela.  In fact, Kooth Abhishekam is the celebration of Pattabhishekam  of King Sri Rama, the Lord and we always meet with expense of a considerable amount for conducting Kooth before ending the story in Abhishekam.

     I feel, unfortunately, Thiruvazhiyad people have forgotten the good olden days when Kathakali, Ottanthullal, Kurathiattam and Mohiniattam were part of the festival at the “pride of Desam” – Narasimha Murthy Temple.  I have interest to see all these at any time.  When I was a child, I always took permission from home to go and see Ottanthullal in the afternoons, which, in fact, was only for some time and then I spent time by playing with other naughty children that includes walking on the top of narrow half wall around the pond, like circus boys with valli trousers!  Though during that period I was not knowing names of the Thullal stories which were told, from the elder ones’ talk we could know it – It is Rukmani Swayamvaram, it is Kalyana Saugandhikam, it is Damayanthi Swayamvaram and so on.  And,  that’s enough to tell with proud and pleasure, if home people ask!     I am sure, this Narasimhamurthy temple and the attached temple of Lord Siva will be there at all times in Thiruvazhiyad devotees’ mind wherever they go and settle.      

     Kanyarkali alias Malamakkali, though participation is by Nair community, reminds an era when Thiruvazhiyad people had practically no discrimination by different communities in their day-to-day life! Because, Kanyarkali features in Malayalam and ancient Tamil/Tamil Malayalam humorously the wanted and also unwanted custom by all the communities but without making a room for complaints of whatsoever nature by them!  Ask somebody, were there any unpleasant situation ever in this connection?  A number of years have elapsed by now; but, still  I recollect as if today - the Cherumi ladies used to wait on the road in front of my grandfather’s (Mannil) Tharavad’s Nalukettu just to see once the Cherumi Kuttikal (myself – Preman Malankot and Gopi Pathiyat at that time).  That was before reaching the pandal at Mannam, to flash their smile of satisfaction and to give good comments on seeing the ones in the makeup of Kaali and Neeli respectively  (literally making Kaali shy as if a real girl!), though they will be late in the early morning in their rushing to forest for livelihood! Alas! The great young saint Swami Vivekananda who called Kerala as a “madhouse” on the ground of cast discrimination could not get an opportunity to visit our place.  Yes, let me tell boldly, “we have a separate identity” from the other places.
     In continuation of Kanyarkali, let me also give examples of some veshams (only a few of them as the list will be very lengthy) in order to know about the above said indiscrimination – Malayar, Otta Mappila, Kunikka Muttu, Mannathi-Mannan, Kurathi-Kuravan, Kootta Chakkiliar, Vaishnavar, Mudukar, Thottichi Thottian, Pambatti-“Saaiv” (a Musalman character).  The list, as mentioned, continues with many more.  I was a regular participant when Kali Asan was late Mannil Padmanabhan Nair (popularly known as Appavettan), who can’t be forgotten for his great contribution in bringing up this ancient art.  It was a golden age for Kanyarkali. The celebrated artist, Pallavoor Appu Marar never hesitated to come and attend to his role of playing idakka (for Niramala)  and chenda  (for Keli Kottu and Kali) as he took it as a privilege for Kozhikkad Bhagawati and Thiruvazhiyad people.  Once, incidentally, he himself had told this to Thiruvazhiyad people.  It may take a number of pages to detail this ancient art of Thiruvazhiyad and hence I stop it here just after referring to Kathir Kootta Kalam of Kozhikkad.  Kootta Cheramakkal – another inevitable item of Kanyarkali played in front of Bhagawati is in connection with this Kathir Kootta Kalam.  Please read (no, sing) further:

♫♫ A a r i n t e    a a r i n t e   k a t h i r u    v a r a v a a n u,
     K o z h i k k a d i    n a l l a m m a n t e   k a t h i r u    v a r a v a a n u
     K o o     K o o i,     K o o     K o o i……………….♫♫

(I have observed with keen interest when recently a grandfather from our place staying in Mumbai made his one year old grandson play with a  vattakkettu with thorthumundu  on his head and by singing the abovementioned  lines!)

     Please see here. Naayanmaar become Cheramakkal in front of Kozhikkad Bhagawati, the Desam’s deity by dancing and singing with joy and full devotion!  Didn’t Father of our Nation also tell that they are “harijans” (children of God)? Yes.  But, dear Bapuji, sorry - you were late in conveying this message (to us), because, traditionally we (our predecessors in Thiruvazhiyad) have already been following all these much before your prophesy!  We know, your soul will be happy to hear this.   I should and, I feel, each and every one should say proudly, “I am a son of this Thiruvazhiyad Desam”, ‘I am a daughter of such a Desam” where practically all are children of Almighty, the God without any cast and creed!  For those who don’t want to understand such things in this life, I am sorry to say, life is not a boon given by the Almighty, but a curse.  Yes, “sapikkappetta jeevitham”.    And, please don’t become owners of this; open the inner eye of your mind – for your sake and God sake, at least from now onwards, as it is  “better late, than never.”

     When I wrote Marunadan Malayali in the second para above, for a second there was a flashlight appeared into sight of my memory about which let me mention to you now.  There is an old movie in the same name which, at the time of release,  became Marunattil Oru Malayali.  In this, there is Kumbakkali (Attakkumbam) and Kavadiattam that are familiar to Thiruvazhiyad people who have seen the same at Mannam.  (In the film field, many of our people may not know, Devadas Master of Puthanthara had bagged a Medal for his sound recording in the gold medal (from President) winner film of the world-renowned film director Adoor Gopalakrishnan, “Swayamvaram”.) The organizers of programmes including Pookkuzhichattam etc. at Mariamman Kovil, Puthanthara arrange these ancient arts, which are popular in our neighbor state, Tamil Nadu.  When I talked about President’s medal, I can’t close this paragraph without (at least) mentioning the child star - the human encyclopedia, Monica Menon who is another recipient of award from the President of India a few years back.

     Though I stated in the beginning that I don’t intend to write a story, when started writing, I really feel that I have more and more to pen.  Perhaps, I may also write after some time, “Ente Desathinte Katha,  Enteyum”.  All that I mentioned in this article here are based on just my experience and remembrance.  I believe, each and every one from Thiruvazhiyad will have something or the other to narrate.  Certainly, our Desam had and also has given birth to some nice and eminent persons from all the communities, faces of a few of those are fast approaching to my mind. (As regards my mentioning of a few persons’ names in this article, it is just incidental only.) The fact is that the list of individuals as mentioned above will also be lengthy and even then it would become incomplete if I do and hence I don’t want to take that risky task!  So, I apologize to my readers for the same.

     The people of Thiruvazhiyad wish to unite and do something for their Desam and it’s a matter of great pleasure for me to participate in the developmental activities derive from the same.   An elephant doesn’t know about its size but does realize about its strength.  Similarly, while we know about our nature, we don’t realize about our actual capabilities.  Let’s now start realizing it and making it fruitful.   

I now really feel a self-satisfaction that I have written something about my Desam without any exaggeration and I would request the readers to take it in its real spirit in which it is written so as to enable us to keep up our years old traditional activities and thus to switch on to the developmental activities.  

The readers are welcome to contact the writer if they need any clarifications or would like to forward their comments - whatsoever, if any.

PS: This has been published in the Website of Thiruvazhiyad Desam contributed by Padmakumar Koolangat and family members.  


     Mrs. X is a hypersensitive lady; she can’t tolerate pain at all – whether it is physical or mental.  In this circumstance, slowly if she has developed Arthritic problem,  just try to imagine her position.  Yes, literally she began to cry while explaining the problems suffered by her.  As same as some other patients, after trying Modern Medicine, which consists painkillers and then another system of medicine unsuccessfully, the case came to my hand.  A couple of month’s treatment did definitely give her a considerable relief.  Subsequently, I advised her on the routine that is to be followed and asked her to report if there is any problem.  Since then a few months have elapsed and once, incidentally, when I asked her on phone as to how she is and how is the pain, she asked me in reply, “what pain”?!  Well, let her not remember it, I thought for a while as  I didn’t want her to cry.  Nevertheless, I advised her to continue the natural medicine that I prescribed, at least for a few more months.

   What is Arthritis?  It’s inflammation of the joints and is one of the most pervasive types that extends the problem to muscles, tissues etc.  The word, “Arthritis” has been derived from Greek words; Arthro means joint and itis means inflammation. Mostly, people above the age of fifty - fifty five start showing symptoms of this imbalance of the body.  Further, if not taken care or not treated in its required manner, Arthritis may lead to various other problems and ultimately end up in disability too! The patients suffer severe pain, swelling around the joints and stiffness.  Septic and Gouty Arthritis are caused by joint infection and deposition of uric acid in the joint respectively.  The term Osteoarthritis refers to the ailment resulting from structural changes that take place in the cartilage of the joints in the old age and Rheumatoid Arthritis affects muscles and tissues also besides joints of wrists, fingers, knees etc.  As same as some other diseases, the reasons for this disease could be many including hereditary which could be considered as a prime factor.

     The Modern Medical Science gives much importance to diagnosis and the treatment with required medicines and equipment depends upon the same.  In some Alternative Systems of Medicine, symptoms are considered important,  as the indicated remedies do show result when the same are matched well with the symptoms after administration of remedies that drain out the ill effects by medication and its deposition in the digestive system.  But, when symptoms change, accordingly the medicines also are to be changed giving little inconvenience both to the patient as well as the practitioner. 

     Well, now let’s see it from the Naturopathic point of view.  As the “disease”, like any other disease, is considered as an “imbalance” of the body/mind, to bring it into “balance”,  a detailed study of daily routine of the patient by the Naturopath is a must.  There will be a root cause for any imbalance and it may pave way to other tribulations, one by one.  In a quite natural way and without any remedies that give after effects, the same are to be attended.  The word, “cure” (not just relief) will have its real meaning only when the “disease” is removed from the root as otherwise, if not immediately, at a later stage definitely it will reoccur with same, similar or different symptoms of disease/s!  While this is the truth, unfortunately, laymen’s including well educated people’s  understanding is that “cure” means disappearance of the existing symptom/s “immediately” with just one doze of medicine or so (without knowing the background well as mentioned above)!        

     The patient has to avoid constipation keeping aside his/her likes and dislikes at least for some time.  If required, the patient could be given a lukewarm enema, in order to make the bowel movements clear. The diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables.  Salad of raw vegetables viz. tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, beat, carrot, radish, onion etc. sprinkling there on some lime juice (and little salt to taste, only if it is a must for the patient) are advisable. 

     Depending upon the patient’s total symptom picture, some of the food items may not suit to the patient. Also, in general, cold water and eatables – particularly, refrigerated ones are not advisable at all.  The pain and the associated problems of Arthritis aggravate by cold and in cold season. 

     Obesity is really an obstacle so as to carry the right weight by the knees, ankles etc. and thus for the smooth functioning of muscles, tendons and ligaments.  If the patient has obesity, the same is to be attended with proper diet in order to reduce the body weight as well. 

     Massage with mustard/peanut/sesame oil can be given to the affected part.  While mustard oil is good for relief from pain, peanut oil and sesame oil are better for application due to their anti-inflammatory properties.  A complete and regular massage to the palms and feet in the morning and evening will not only give a considerable relief but also it will activate the inner organs to normalize their functions.  You must have observed the old people doing this or others for them, just from the life experience. 

     Wheat Grass is found highly beneficial in the treatment.  It is called as a natural miracle remedy in the treatment by Nature cure methods.  It can be grown in the house and raw juice prepared from the grass is a natural food supplement.  It helps to overcome the existing problem and also the associated ones by regaining the vital force, which was reduced or lost by the body.

     Doing Pranayama – Ujjai Breathing, Anuloma-Viloma, Bhramari and also Kapalbhati along with Meditation at the end for a few minutes will help the body to get oxygenated pure blood (removing the impure blood from the system that creates lot of problems and ultimately resulting in the imbalance of the body) and also to get peace of mind.  Moreover, some simple Yoga exercises slowly slowly (not advisable while suffering from severe pain) by standing, sitting and lying viz. trikonasana/vrikshasana, vajrasana (with the help of a pillow, if required)/padmasana, shavasana etc.  will definitely help to eradicate the problems.

     In short, like a number of other ailments, Arthritis also can be cured and the patient can be brought back into normalcy (considering the age factor) by advising for proper attention to be paid to the food habits, exercise, massage and natural medicines that are advised by a Naturopath (without any medicines that give side effects) depending upon the problems and its severity.  Just, a firm determination to adopt natural methods is required which would save the patient from unnecessary medication, expense and from its hard and fast rules (but, still with ill effects).  That’s it.  

(Published in the March ’07 issue of Nisaropachar Varta, NIN, Min. of Health, Dept. of Ayush.)

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     Appendicitis is a serious intestinal disorder. The patients complain of abdominal pain that may start from the middle side of the abdomen and settle at the right side.    Almost such cases come to the Naturopaths & Physicians in Alt. Medicine when other systems of the medicine fail or do not show the expected results with the medicines prescribed subsequent to the clear pathological investigations, X-Rays etc. 

     Let’s see what this Appendicitis is.  It is the stage of inflammation of vermiform appendix.  With several inches in length and with resemblance of a worm with a closed end, appendix is located at the end of caecum which is in the beginning of large intestine.  In normal case, for the laymen’s knowledge, this vermiform appendix has no functions as such as same as tonsils in the mouth.  On the other hand, if both get inflamed, they begin to give problems!    

     Indigestion and constipation due to improper eating habits become a reason for stomach troubles and also the malfunctioning of intestines and appendix.  Moreover, the ineffective and unnecessary usage of medicines – those too giving ill effects makes a ground for creation of waste and poisonous matters giving additional burden to be responded by the abdominal organs.  Additional burden, I mean, normally the Nature does not allow any unwanted materials and foreign bodies to remain in our body and it naturally shows its tendency and does throw out the same without giving any serious problems as such.  But, if the unwanted and accumulated waste and poisonous materials in the ceacum cannot be drained out by the so called natural process, they become the reason for infection and inflammation of the appendix!    The inner lining of the appendix produces mucus.  Also, this mucus and/or the stool passed through become thick sometimes creating a blockage resulting in swelling and inflammation of the appendix.  When the inflammation and infection spread, the appendix may rupture which ultimately and unfortunately spread throughout the intestines and this process becomes easy particularly with the presence of germs there!  Both the children and adults are likely to have these problems.  When the blockage occurs, it affects the intestinal muscles’ smooth functioning as a result of which formation of gas etc. takes place.  It leads to the discomforts to the patient by abdominal pain, acidity, nausea, vomiting, belching etc. sometimes associated with mild fever   and all these become worse by improper intake of food due to loss of appetite as well.                           
     If not treated in its required manner, acute appendicitis turns into chronic and paves way to further tribulations viz. gas problems, untimely or frequent desire for stool with diarrhea or constipation (though both are contradictory to each other!), vomiting etc. giving a complete discomfort – both physically and mentally to the patient to carry on with his/her activities.  See how the entire system and thus the whole person is affected when a very small portion of the body is irritated by us knowingly or unknowingly deviating from the normal and natural manner! 

     The Appendicitis and the related problems can very well be treated by simple and appropriate Nature Cure methods of proper diet and Yoga exercises advised same as for so many other imbalances.  Banana (after removing the black seeds inside) with little lime juice added with honey is said to be beneficial for Appendicitis.  It is always to be remembered that while treating for the existing problems, all the possibly related problems are to be taken into consideration with a view to give the patients a “cure” (not a just relief) and further, also a  prevention from  the same or similar tribulations.  There lies the greatness of treatment by Nature Cure methods. 

     First of all, rest is very important.  The treatment, its duration and cure always depend upon the severity of the existing and all the related problems.  In severe cases, it becomes necessary for the patient to get admitted for the treatment so as to ensure a maximum better way to the satisfaction of the practitioner.       The Naturopaths put the patients on fasting, without giving any meals or liquids, except water.  Naturally, after fasting, the cleansing process of the bowels is done by giving enema. The same will be repeated, if required.  Similarly, the physicians in Alternative Medicine, before starting their actual treatment give their medicine with a view to drain out the waste materials and the ill effects from the body.   Fasting is important in the treatment by Naturopathy in general and in the treatment for Appendicitis in particular. A massage by hand on the abdominal area will be beneficial to reduce the pain.  If required,   hot fomentation/cold packs are also given so as to bring the pain into control.            

     Subsequently, the patients will be advised for taking only fresh fruits or natural  fruit juices of carrot, beat, good quality oranges etc.  Milk diet can follow the same.  After fasting and cleansing the bowels, these liquid diets of water, fruit and milk with its sufficient presence of food and water definitely make a clean and clear base for eradicating the ill effects. 

     Gradually, boiled green and leafy vegetables, grains, dry fruits etc. are better advised in order not to take heavy meals in line with the efficacy of our system of treatment.  The determination of the patient to abide by these is a significant factor to get him/her cured with simple, inexpensive but effective methods – not finished, without any ill effects that create by the medicine. 

     Another important point is that the patient should take maximum care in avoiding constipation and indigestion, as they are the root causes, as mentioned in the beginning of this article.  In this connection, sitting in Vajrasana for some time in the morning and evening does help the patients for sure.  While sitting in Vajrasana or Sukhasana, if Pranayama – Anuloma Viloma could be performed, enough oxygen would be available and thus the pure oxygenated blood starts flowing through the body!  Moreover, while sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana when Kapalabhati performed, all the toxins accumulated get out from the body!  Nevertheless, particularly in Kapalabhati, as the exhalation is sudden and as it affects the abdomen, it is not that advisable when the patient has pain in the abdominal area.  Also, some other simple Yoga exercises viz. Vrikshasana, Trikonasana, Sarvangasana etc. facilitate the patients in maintaining balance of the body to fight with the existing and related problems. 

     In a nutshell, Appendicitis, as same as so many other disorders is not a serious problem at all and the same can be cured if treated applying Nature Cure methods, as well as some simple Yoga exercises, systematically. 

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This was published by Nisargopachar Varta.