Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Grandson

My Grandson


- Dr P Malankot




“Vinu calling’’, my mobile phone rings

What’s the matter – I became anxious

‘’Daddy, Priya delivered a baby boy’’ -

My son-in-law informs very happily!

I could not believe what I heard

‘’You mean, a baby boy?’’, I did ask

Vinu repeated, ‘’yes Daady, baby boy’’

Oh, am I lucky this much, I asked myself

I forgot to congratulate him, instead

I told him that I am very very glad! 

I have two sisters, and two daughters

And, my daughter has a daughter too

This granddaughter is my beloved Malu

Still, I wished for a grandson to me

My Daddy was worried that I don’t have a son

For performing religious rites after my death!

I now murmured to his soul in my mind,

“Don’t worry dad, I now have a grandson

As I wished  and to fulfill your wish too!


*On 5/2/2013, my daughter delivered a baby boy

and this is what I scribbled down with an excitement.


Photo taken on the occasion of Naming Ceremony (named  NIRANJAN) on the 28th day: