Friday, November 18, 2016




Our thoughts and actions generate our life. If they are in a proper manner, it would reflect in our life accordingly.  If not, it would become reverse - yes, poisonous! The poison moves to mind and body. And, the owner would have to spit this poison out literally by shouting, harassing etc. actions at others! Some innocent people may be able to tolerate this evil action and some may not.
Therefore, let our thoughts and actions be in a positive better manner.  

And, let us not hurt others.  Live and let others live a beautiful life as ''life is a boon'' given by Almighty, the Supreme Being.    

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Then, what's the problem?

Then, what's the problem?

God and devil - in the sense,

good and bad are there in all of us.

That's why different people are of different types.

Those who commit mistakes, those who steal... are

due to pressure of the circumstances, or

they could be ''mentally deranged'' a little.

So, in this world, anything could happen.

As per Gita, ''Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge.''

Then, what's the problem? What are the problems?

Nothing - all the problems could be solved.

If not, they would be beyond our control!

We should try our best about ourselves, and

Advise, suggest lovingly/seriously others -

depending upon the relationship. 

That's it.