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Asthma Cure – I recollect the caption underneath a photograph that appeared in a newspaper a few years back.  The snap shot was of a man opening his mouth wide and catching a rat at its tail, about to swallow it!  In the sense, by swallowing rats, he was following a traditional method that exists in a Far East country to fetch a cure from asthma.  So, it means that an asthma patient may go to this extent if his sticky situation reaches to an end.  Isn’t it?  Of course, asthma is some times horrible not only for the patients but also for the ones who observe that unfortunate sight of and fight for breathing. (They may tell others to leave the place and not to witness the scene leaving them alone!) Nevertheless, I feel that the patients can still choose a better way than the horrifying method that narrated above.

The practitioners in modern medicine believe that asthma is caused by allergy in most of the cases.  There is no shortage of different systems of medicine in our country and thus numerous medicines are available in allopathic and also in other systems.  However, many of these medicines – particularly those in line with modern medicine, even after taking proper advice - while giving a relief to the patient or subsequent to the sign of ‘cure’, do result/terminate in other ailments, especially skin troubles!   (As a result, the patients are trying different systems of medicine, one by one, making the case still worse!) On the contrary, the Naturopaths advise natural and safe methods of treatment to cure asthma – of course gradually and thus completely without any ill effects.   

Asthma is caused by excess of phlegm and some times the body loses its ability to expel the same.  A teaspoon measurement of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of warm milk helps to expel the excessive phlegm. Also, when the bronchial tubes get congested, the patient becomes unable to breathe easy but with difficulty by making wheezing/rattling sound and having chest pain.   

Normally, by experience the patient knows as to why and/or when asthma occurs in his/her case.  Accordingly, it is advised to avoid such a circumstance as a timely precaution.  Some are allergic to some particular types of smell of perfumes and cosmetics, weather conditions, food items and also when in contact with certain materials.  To some, physical and mental exertions cause the complexity.  Hence, as mentioned, the patient has to take a preventive measure by understanding his/her nature.

In my opinion, reducing the medicines (that the patient has been taking) gradually and thus wholly in due course - depending upon the severity of asthma, should give importance to the proper eating habits. In order to prevent formation of phlegm, milk and milk products, sugar, rice, fried items etc. are to be reduced or avoided - also, the food items that make constipation.  In this connection, intake of sufficient quantity of water – preferably warm water (if it is a decoction of cumin seed, well and good) is a significant factor to be remembered so as to avoid constipation and also to avoid the attack of asthma.  Over eating or a stomach full meal is not at all advisable.  

The asthma patients are required to fast once in a week and also occasional enema will help to cleanse the bowels and thus clear the movement of bowels.   

Decoction of Adathoda leaves is very effective in asthmatics.  Similarly, juice of basil leaves with honey is proved much beneficial in Bronchial Asthma. 

Naturopaths advise the patients for doing Pranayama (Anuloma-Viloma, Ujjayi etc.) and certain Yoga exercises.  Pranayama can prevent the patient’s nature of bronchial passages getting congested. The writer does remember very well that years before a well qualified medical practitioner in modern medicine had advised his asthma patient to do Pranayama (when he is not suffering the problem)!  I do admire the doctor’s open mentality to accept the fact from his experience.  In the treatment by nature cure methods, the physician considers not only the main symptoms but also the total picture of the symptoms presented by and observed in the patient with a view to eradicate the root cause, as the aliment/s have a tendency to move from its ‘center’ to the ‘circumference’ and create more tribulations – especially when the patient has a history of treatment by powerful medicines with side effects!    In fact, the words ‘treatment’ and ‘cure’ will have their real, inner and vast meaning only when the patient is treated by this required manner i.e. treatment to the ‘patient as a whole’ and not to the ‘particular ailment’.  

In a nutshell, let me mention boldly but without feeling the need of blowing a horn, by taking up natural methods of treatment, asthma - as same as the other so-called chronic ailments - could be cured without any medication and losing the body’s vital force by unwanted medicines that pave way to other ailments.
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