Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A tribute to my mother (Poem)

A tribute to my mother
( Published by Gulf Daily News in their Poet's Corner  
on Saturday, September 12, 2009)
My mother is not alive - it's a fact,
but for me, it's still very hard to believe.
Memories about my mother never die,
And they will only die along with me.
What a wonderful creation you are
amongst all creations of the Almighty.
I feel your value when you are no more
than when you were alive in my world.
Though you weren't educated that much,
you did advise me as if you were my teacher.
And your words do lead me still,
whenever I lose my hope in life.
You were the one to love me.
And, you were the one to punish too.
You were the one to console me,
when you felt pity after punishing.
Once you told me not to worry,
when you or my father had to die.
My father's turn came first,
And then you left, leaving me an orphan.
Oh! mother, you were my strength
And, you are my strength still.
You are in my prayers forever,
I will continue same for the rest of my life.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Pet Grandfather!

A Pet Grandfather!  


This was published by Gulf Daily News.

Hey baby, I am your grandpa, but

My mind is still thirsty to be consoled!

When I feel sad as if in my childhood,

I wish to be hugged by my mum 'n' dad,

Though they are no more since long!

I would like to enjoy myself,

Forgetting all the worries of mine,

Though I am no more a child,

Not even a youth too, and 

I have you people all to look after.

What a beautiful world was my childhood

That can’t come back in this life!

My baby, I know that you want to be consoled

As same as your mother by me.

Come on my darling, to hug me up  

As I was also a pet baby of my parents,

And, let’s console ourselves each other!


Monday, November 19, 2012

We, our blood relations and friendships (My thoughts)

We, our blood relations and friendships.
(My thoughts)

When others see you, they tell, “You are like your
father/mother’’. Or, “like brothers/sisters’’.  If not,  ‘’like
your paternal/maternal relatives.”  Correct, that’s called the greatness of blood relations   Similar in appearance, talk, action.....  It is genetic. 

Now, let’s take ‘’friendships’’.  This also is not behind the blood
relations.  Why?  In friendships, almost everybody think alike,
do alike!  Of course, we surrender sometimes our personal opinions, if any, in order to maintain the relationships with others.  

Now, analyze about we, ourselves.  We  will have different thoughts, feelings and actions accordingly, if not always, at least sometimes.  Then what’s the difference between ourselves and these relatives and friends?  Nothing.

Thus, this analysis can be concluded like this, we, our relatives and friends are one!   If we think in line with this truth, we can experience a wonderful circumstance.

Don’t keep the difference of opinions in mind, don’t keep selfishness and thus don’t spoil the relationships.  You will not be at a loss.

If we are not thinking as above, in the evening of our life, we ourselves will feel as to where we did make mistake!  This, of course is the life experience of many. 

So, be cautious – think positively, behave yourself.  This is what I tell to myself!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


(From my diary)

One of my colleagues started blaming  another colleague (but, in a humorous manner) in front of me in my office.  At that time, our Chief Accountant also entered in. The topic was that this colleague of ours is forgetting certain things and hence we have to see any other alternative. 
I could not keep quiet but tell them (all the three are other nationals not like me, Indian) about a man who remembers everything:
Years before I worked with one Mr Suresh C. Ahuja, who was editor of Blind Welfare magazine, in Mumbai (the then Bombay).  Mr Ahuja is a totally blind person (who lost his vision due to detachment of Retina when he was sixteen years old); but later successfully completed his post-graduation!
I assisted Mr Ahuja in reading the materials received for publishing.  He used to  listen to me very carefully,  make note with the help of  his Braille Typewriter and portable Tape Recorder – as and when required,  in order to memorize important ones. 
Our Accountant friend immediately asked me as to which national he is.  I replied, ‘’Indian – naturally.’’ 
He smiled and stated, ‘’tell like that, Indian!  No wonder!’’
- =o0o= -


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Right & Wrong

Right & Wrong


Those who don’t know what’s hate,
Don’t know what’s love;

Those who don’t know what’s distaste,
Don’t know what’s taste;

Those who don’t know what’s misdeed,
Don’t know what’s deed;

Those who don’t know what’s injustice,
Don’t know what’s justice;

Those who don’t know what’s cruelty,
Don’t know what’s kindness;

Those who don’t know what’s hindrance,
Don’t know what’s assistance;

Those who don’t know what’s bad,
Don’t know what’s good ;

Those who don’t know what’s lie,
Don’t know what’s truth ;

Those who don’t know what’s sorrow,
Don’t know what’s joy ;

Those who don’t know what’s wrong,
Don’t ever know what’s right for action,
In its exact and required meaning -
And, that's the essence of this poem! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Gift of Flowers


[ A lover youth replies to his lover when he received a gift of flowers from her. ]

Darling, I welcome  the lovely gift

As symbol of your love to me.

I don’t know how to convey my joy

And don’t know how to express thanks!

The aroma comes out from these

Is really the fragrance of your love.

My sweetheart, the fragrance of love

Can’t be hidden and it will come out!

Let me tell you my dear that  my mind

Will be with you wherever you are,

As a cool breeze that reaches your

Heart  slowly slowly with a feather-touch!


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Part Eleven  – BOY CUT  

Before travelling back to my work place on completion of leave, standing in front of the mirror, I told my wife, “I had enough time, still I didn’t go for my hair cut.  Now there is no time.”

She replied, ‘’bring the scissors from your shaving set.  I shall try to adjust at least backside of your hair.’’

Should I?  OK, no problem. I did so and stood selecting a convenient place for that ‘sacred’ job and my partner started it.

After some time, Maalu – my granddaughter who was playing, came to that area, observed the scene and stood there with surprise.  (She was coming and staying with us during her Kindergarten vacation period.  Malu looked cute with her baby cut.) 

Malu, asked, ‘’Is nobody here in this place who does boy cut?’’