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Rani 1/4/2008 – 26/01/2017

Rani 1/4/2008 – 26/01/2017

- By Sujith S. Nair 

The sweetest little one pound bundle of puppy came into my life on April 16, 2008 when she was just 16 days old. She quickly won a place in everyone’s heart. Rani was so smart and such a loving little girl. She loved to play with pillows of my bedroom that looked like a toy for her, which I still have with me. She would carry it around and whine until she found a place to hide herself in it. We played hide and seek after a bath. I would hide and she would find me and bark for me to chase her. She loved to play with children and go for a bike ride and evening walk. Rani was such a sweetheart and had a loving spirit.

She was regularly taken for vaccination as per doctor’s advice for Polio, hepatitis, anti-corona etc. during the first 6 months of her birth. Rani was spoon feed with gripe water and given daily sponge bath by me and was not taken to walk on mud for the first 3 months of her birth, because the breed is considered to be very sensitive and prone to infection as per the doctor during their first 3 months.

My friend and roommate Sushil (Buhty Bhaiyya) accompanied me with his full hearted love and care for her. He belongs to Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and was in Mumbai for his studies. We both we the first parent of her and we use to give her milk, sponge bath, morning and evening walk on an exchange roaster basis.

Her favorite foods were milk, raw vegetables, egg and rice in her first year of birth. She loved buttermilk and if you came around her with a glass of buttermilk she would whine until she got her own little bowl of buttermilk fully filled up for her.

I was unmarried when Rani came into my life and I was the only person to look after her. Bunty Bhaiyya use to support me for getting all the works done for Rani and we use to adjust our job and classes on a shift basis. Sometimes when we both were unable to be with Rani at home due to the working shifts, at that time “Jeo” my friend use to take Rani with him at his home where his father, mother, sister give all the love care and affection to her. Rani use to be always behind his mom, especially in their kitchen and sit in front of the fridge where she knew that all the delicious food is kept. She enjoyed lots of dry-fruits, non-
veg items there with the family. In the evening when I use to come there to take her home she use to bark at me indicating that I will not come leaving the family. We use to laugh seeing her attitude. Jeo’s parents gave all the love, care and affection to her which made her felt freer in their home.

After 1 year of our beautiful journey in the year 2009 when me and Bunty Bhaiyya were supposed to visit Madhya Pradesh (as our family where settled there) during the Diwali Holidays for a week. During that period Vinod Kambli (Bunty Bhaiyya’s classmate in Mumbai) staying at Bhayyandar took Rani with him and had given all the care which she use to get from us. On our return we could notice that Rani was not ready to eat food on her own because she was kept separated from us for those 7 days from us. She not even ready to take a smell of food kept in front of her. A day passed then I realized that she is not going to change her decision. I started giving liquid diet to her though spoon like we give to our babies when they are small.

The habit of having food on my lap via spoon feeding method was adopted for lifetime by her and for that reason I couldn’t leave home during her food time at any cost. In the beginning stage I any how managed to make be available in front of her during the food time. Later when I found I couldn’t manage this timing I asked my parents to come down there in Mumbai from Madhya Pradesh and take Rani along with them to our house there in Madhya Pradesh.

Rani was deported to Madhya Pradesh in train with my family from Kalyan To Dewas.She was taken in a special cage which was available in Guards compartment in every train. My Dad being the guardian was asked to come there in the guard’s compartment from his ticket reserved coach on regular intervals. After a long journey of 16 hrs finally Rani stepped down at Dewas and moved to my residence there.

In the Year 2009 April when I got married me and wife went to Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and got settled there with my family. My mom and dad in this period were Rani’s most beloved ones and she used to be with my dad in his every activity. She ate, slept, walked only and only with my parents. She was sweetheart for all our neighbors and friends when we stayed there.

After my dad’s retirement in job he and my mom took Rani with them to Kerala in 2010 in train. The journey was quite long from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh to Palakkad, Kerala. It takes nearly 2 ½ days to reach the destination from Dewas. Rani was also approximately 1 ½ years old then. She can’t resist if my parents, especially my dad was kept away from her for a single minute. After all the cries and tears in the train she was in dad’s arm once again at Palakkad when they completed their journey.

Living in Kerala was entirely different for Rani when compared to Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh because here in Kerala she got a beautiful environment, ample space for play and the most important, my dad (her favorite) was here for her for the full day.

My wife moved to Kerala from Madhya Pradesh when I got transferred to Delhi and this way my Rani got her full family with her except me. After a year when I came to Mumbai from Delhi, I resigned my job over there due to my ill running health conditions and got settled here with my family in the year Oct-2012.

Rani here in Kerala became sweetheart, better if said a celebrity for all because of her nature and mischievous acts. She was my dad’s daughter and security guard in all the sense. She won’t allow anyone to even raise a finger against my dad. She was jealous if my dad took any baby or other pet in his arms. She won’t allow dad to touch her if my dad give love to any other kids or pet. My dad use to go and take bath and only then she use to come down near him.
She had a perfect time table of making my dad awaken from his bed early morning then at 6 am for a morning walk. At 12pm my mom used to give her wheat porridge. When the clock ticks 4:00pm we don’t how she realized that timings she walks round my dad for her evening walk. My dad use to take her to the rice mill of our relative and sit there with his friends. In the evening at 6:30pm Rani had a habit to have her evening snacks like sweet mixture, egg biscuits etc. through my mom. My mom had lots of patience while feeding her because like small babies she doesn’t eat on her own. My mom use to first show her that the snacks are tasty by eating in front of her and make her realize its tasty and then only Rani Use to eat the snacks. Once the time is 8:45pm Rani slowly gets up and makes her sit below the bed or cup board because she knows that I will get porridge and I don’t want it. Mom or me use to play tricks in front of her saying “see there is a lizard, see someone have come there in front of our house” and make her come out. Once she comes out we use to catch her and get her stomach full via spoon feeding.

After her dinner she uses to eat crystal sugar (which was made habit from our side for good sound clarity and cough relief) from my dad. She was quite intelligent after her dinner she uses to look at the jar of crystal sugar kept in my dining hall indicating that she wants that sweet. After that crystal sugar tasting she waits for my dad to come and give his thumbs to her in her mouth. Like babies want their mother for milk Rani wants my dad to give his thumbs to her. She sucks his thumbs and feels a sigh of relief like a baby after mothers breast feed.

Everything was good with her in her 7 years of life with our family. Suddenly in the year 2014, Rani one day got completely looking dull and weak and she was unable to stand on her legs. Seeing this when consulted Dr.Biju (Rani’s regular doctor) near my residence he referred us to take Rani to Palakkad Veterinary Hospital (30Kms from my residence).There Dr.Asha diagnosed that my Rani’s heart is weak and she is suffering from Cardiac related complications after a cardiac scanning along with BP, Cholesterol and Sugar. Dr.Asha prescribed medicines and asked us to continue for lifetime and come down there for regular checkups in a month’s interval. With god’s grace Rani was ok in a week’s time and continued to be full energetic till Jan 11-2017.

On Jan-11-2017 2014 Rani again faced the same symptoms of dullness, weakness, unable to stand on her legs, urination block, shivering legs, breathlessness. The moment we saw the uneasiness we took her once again to Dr.Biju and he referred Rani’s case to Dr.Jojo in palakkad. When we met Dr.Jojo he diagnosed that Rani have side effects by the regular medicines given (normal human beings also get side effects after long medication).He took the blood sample to confirm whether the kidneys are affected. A day later when tele-confirmed it was clear that Rani’s kidney was affected little and Dr.Jojo prescribed us few medicines through which she will have weight loss, proper urination and more easiness to take her breath.

On Jan-13-2017 Rani was ok and returned back to her normal health but unfortunately this happiness couldn’t stay with us for long. On Jan-14-2017 she started vomiting plain water twice in a day and seeing this I gave a call to Dr.Jojo and we took her there in palakkad. Here this time she was diagnosed with respiratory disorder. Her heart, lungs have started showing its adverse side. Still we didn’t lose our hopes and as per doctor’s prescription for 5 days we started giving antibiotics to her.

From the day 1 to 3 we could see slight improvement in Rani. But on the 4th day of dosage ie. on 26th Jan 2017 we saw right from the morning that Rani is not ok and she started showing all that old symptoms which she showed at the first stage of illness. I immediately called the doctor and took an appointment for Rani with her old doctor -Dr.Asha on 27th Jan 2017 at 2 pm.
Rani was on regular spoon feeding for the past 8 years. She was given food by mom during this all long period. But on 26 Jan 2017 the first time in the past 8 years Rani was not ready to swallow the food due to her unbearable pain inside her. Anyhow me and my mom made her to have the food with medicines that day. After her lunch she tried to sleep but was restless and kept on changing her position of sleep from or hall to bedroom ,bedroom to kitchen, kitchen to sit out. In the evening at around 6 pm I took her in my arms and made her walk in our front area though she was tired and was unable to keep a step even, she walked 10-15 steps. She didn’t pass her urine from 6:00 am in the morning till evening. These symptoms made me more worried but still I had faith in god that my Rani will be ok soon. Post to that when my dad and wife came from my ancestral house visit they once again took Rani for a small walk so that she can urinate. But, this time also she didn’t urinate and we all thought that after the dinner she might be ok.

Later at 7:30pm I went out to meet my friend Anil (staying near my home at a distance of 1 km) so that I can change my mood. I told my Rani while going out that “I will be back soon my sweetheart. Please take rest”. Suddenly at 8:27pm I got a call from my wife asking me to come soon at home as our Rani had made her hands and legs stiffed and raised up for a second while finishing her dinner on my mom’s lap. Hearing this I went rushing to my home. My dad before giving food to Rani told her that “do have your food my sweetheart till I finish my evening bath”. But unfortunately my dad and I didn’t know that it were our last words to her.

When I reached my home at 8:35pm I saw my Rani in my dad’s arm. He was totally heart broken. My mom and wife all were crying but they didn’t realize that our Rani is no more. I was asked by my dad to call the doctor and tell him that we are coming with our Rani. But when I touched my sweetheart I came to know that she has left us all. I was holding her in my arms rocking her when she passed away from congestive heart failure. We called our uncle and aunty informing about the demise of our Rani. My parents then wrapped our Rani’s divine body in a white cloth which we in Malayalam call as “Kodi”.

Full family members present at my home were in grief and we couldn’t control our rolling tears coming out for our Rani At last by 9:30pm in the presence of my dad, mom, wife, uncle (Mr.Damodaran Nair and Raja Veliyacha),aunty (Mrs.Girija Damodarankutty),Manicketta,Rajettan,Ramani Chechi we gave our Rani a decent burial in our home compound near to my bedroom and prayed almighty to rest her soul in eternal peace.

My family and all the known ones to us are drowned in the sorrows because of her sweetheart’s demise.

Your demise has made all of us live in the deep oceans of loneliness. I don’t have my child since past 8 years of my marriage but you completed my wish of a baby with your love to me. My mom is keeping on cry but my dad have made him rock hearted because he knows that if he broke down then it would be impossible for us to control us. He is the person who is most hurt with your demise. My home is filled with Rani’s memories and she is alive in our hearts.

Words are inexpressible for the loss. No one can replace your value in our lives till our last breathe. We believe that old say “Body has departed but the soul is still here”. We love you Rani Molu. I wish you come back in my life if the word rebirth exists.
She will forever hold a special place in my heart and will always be my little girl! One thing is for sure, dogs never lie about love!!

Love You Rani

Miss You My Sweetheart

Friday, November 18, 2016




Our thoughts and actions generate our life. If they are in a proper manner, it would reflect in our life accordingly.  If not, it would become reverse - yes, poisonous! The poison moves to mind and body. And, the owner would have to spit this poison out literally by shouting, harassing etc. actions at others! Some innocent people may be able to tolerate this evil action and some may not.
Therefore, let our thoughts and actions be in a positive better manner.  

And, let us not hurt others.  Live and let others live a beautiful life as ''life is a boon'' given by Almighty, the Supreme Being.    

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Then, what's the problem?

Then, what's the problem?

God and devil - in the sense,

good and bad are there in all of us.

That's why different people are of different types.

Those who commit mistakes, those who steal... are

due to pressure of the circumstances, or

they could be ''mentally deranged'' a little.

So, in this world, anything could happen.

As per Gita, ''Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge.''

Then, what's the problem? What are the problems?

Nothing - all the problems could be solved.

If not, they would be beyond our control!

We should try our best about ourselves, and

Advise, suggest lovingly/seriously others -

depending upon the relationship. 

That's it. 

Monday, October 24, 2016


A Poem for children


''Cleanliness is next to Godliness''

Cleanliness comes out from our mind

where Almighty, the God also resides!

That's why this popular saying

became popular - that's what I feel.

Cleanliness is on the positive side,

and the opposite word is negative.

In the sense, cleanliness is Godliness

itself and dirtiness is nobody, but devil!

Get rid of devil; let the God be there.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Living Gandhi

A Living Gandhi 

We have celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October, 2016.  At least on that particular day, we remember Gandhiji most and are taking part of cleaning program etc.  

But, there are a few living Gandhians here in the same place where the Mahatma was born.  One of them is Sri. P. Aravindaksha Menon, Chairman of V.K. Krishna Menon College, Bhandup, Mumbai.  His Navathi (90th Birthday) was celebrated at the College on 29th September, 2016. 

It was a memmorable event with cultural programmes and inauguration of a documentary film on this living Gandhian by Gandhi Media Foundation, directed by Dr. N. Radhakrishnan.   

I remember those days when I went to meet him in 1971.  He gave me a job for three days, during the election period, as Secretary in the office of Indian National Congress. That was my first job! Number of job seekers were blessed with jobs, on temporary and permanent basis, by his attitude of helping mentality.  I was lucky to see V.K. Krishna Menon, the great, Datta Samant etc. at his home. 

May Almighty, the God bess him with best of health and spiirits in the many more years come.  

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Public Places.

Public Places

"If your fellow-passenger objects, don't smoke.''

SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH.  Still, sometime back, it was mentioned only as per above in public places.  

This is just an example. 

So, public place is public for everyone.  If somebody faces inconvenience by the action of another person, this ''another person'', for God's sake, should consider and withdraw his/her action.  

Yes, there are public places everywhere.  :) 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Haiku Poems - 2

Haiku Poems - 2 

Sunniness appeared from torchlight 
Darkness outside vanished
Torchlight unavailable for innermind
Full moonlight
Shadows of tree branches
Modern artwork
The sun sinks into the sea
After giving responsibility of the earth
To the moon who appeared

Wonderful construction of web
Insects fall down and stick to it
Spider’s trick of getting food

Owl sits on Tamarind Tree
Cobra lies under Tamarind Tree
Residents of old family premises