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The Nature – Care ‘n’ Cure

     T he  N a t u r e – What a beautiful word and a beautiful look!  And, then comes Care and Cure.  Come on, my dear reader; I would like to invite you to be with this Nature (and me, as I have to tell you something) for a few minutes and at the end, I am sure, you won’t be the same person as exactly as you were but with an altered mind for something good to face your life with a challenge.  Let’s now proceed further.

     Is there anybody who doesn’t like to view the natural beauty?  In fact, the words are not enough with us to define the Nature. The Nature, Almighty – the God and myself…………..  -  A poet sang.  If you have a poetic/loving mind, with an open heart and raised hands you also will sing beautifully.  The devotees chant about greatness of the Almighty, the poets sing about original beauty of the Nature; we who, should have both devotion and love to these respectively, should perform accordingly to achieve the goal in our life.   Yes, we, the human beings are linked with the Almighty and Nature; not only the human beings but also all the other beings and each and everything in the universe.  No doubt about it.  He created the Nature and us; the nature supports us with its gifts of five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space for a healthy and happy living.

     Having gone through the above, don’t tell me now that still you don’t like and believe in the Nature – our Mother Nature.  You have to obey her and abide by the rules that set up by her, as same as in your childhood when you were immature how you obeyed your own mother who gave you birth!  I don’t mean that you have disobeyed/are disobeying her now in your adolescence.  You shouldn’t.  If disobeyed, you will lose her blessing; naturally, the Mother Nature’s too!  If there is a gap in your contact with the Mother Nature, listen to me please - don’t worry, it could be filled up.  “Better late, than never.”  Otherwise, take it as granted; you will be a victim of monstrous effects of this age of a ‘commercial’ and also a ‘show’ business! The commercial means ‘money-making’. What does it mean by the later one?  Let me come to that part. Unfortunately, some people (and surprisingly their close relatives support them!) even if they are all right, feel proud of them in telling, “I have sugar complaint”, “I have ‘pressure’ problem” etc., etc. as they take it as a ‘status symbol’!  Of course, this article is not meant for them, as they want to make a  ‘show’ in front of others by their consuming some medicines - that too the costliest available ones!

     When we transgress the natural rules, toxins get accumulated in our body and thus we lose our natural balance; this imbalance is known as ailment or sickness!  In other words, our body accepts the ones required by it and rejects that are not required in a quite natural manner and this act of ‘rejection’ taking its own time is what we call as sickness/ailment! Try not to deviate from Nature and if deviated, try to adopt natural methods and take natural medicines, if required, and avoid superfluous medication. Take help of the above-mentioned elements from the Nature, which is freely available to us and this is called the Natural Health Science – in other words Naturopathy.  This system is simple, inexpensive and without any ill effects.  Accept this natural and true health science as the Mother Nature’s gift for us which is not against any of the medical systems that advise medication with natural methods (and medicines that do not give ill effects) and of course the life saving ones in accidental and emergency cases.  Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure, Massage, Magneto Therapy etc. are also in line with this Natural Therapy.  

     It is the Nature’s Law that if we deviate from Nature – both mentally and physically, our body will start losing vital force – the super natural power installed in our body to defend the ailments - and stops functioning its self-regulating mechanism in its normally required manner.  Thus, the human body and mind will lose its balance and this balance could be by way of headache, pain, fever, nausea, vertigo etc., etc.  In fact, these are just the pointers only to some other tribulations created by the above said imbalance. 

     With a view to maintain proper balance of our body, we need to take food and drink according to the season.  These include seasonal vegetables and fruits.  As mentioned, these are made available for us according to the seasons and we should take benefit of the same in line with the nature. Some of the foods and drinks useful in one season may not be in other seasons and sometimes become harmful also.  We know by our experience that curd, buttermilk etc. that are used aplenty in summer are not advisable in winter and monsoon.  Similarly, some of the fresh vegetables (raw, half boiled and cooked) and fruits are not advisable to take in monsoon due to their excess of water substance.  

     A good number of diseases derive from a deranged stomach.  So, it is important to avoid overeating, indigestion and constipation.  For constipation, Naturopaths use to give enema if required after advising to adopt natural methods.   Also, Fasting – at least once in a week by which the digestive organs will get a rest for some time so as to function again efficiently.

     When we talk about the proper intake of food and drink, it is equally important to take care of the other fundamentals of health viz.  breath, action, thoughts, sex and sleep. Let me brief these as under.

     We need fresh air for breathing.  Pranayama will be a much supportive breathing exercise to get sufficient oxygenated blood to meet our body’s requirements.  Not only the respiratory ailments but also all the problems associated with the same vanish away when the root cause created by polluted air and also the impure blood is removed and balanced by inhaling the oxygenated blood through Pranayama.  

     I mean, by the word, ‘action’ is movement that includes movement of the body, work, exercise etc.  Movement for our body is essential otherwise one will become merely a “living corpse” as if came out of a graveyard!  For those are working with sedentary habits, exercise is a must.  Yoga exercises and Meditation give wonderful results in curing the ailments and also in keeping our mind and body in balance.

     Next comes, “thinking”.  We need to keep away from our evil thoughts as it is against Nature.  For example, one lie paves way to tell another lie so to cover the first one and so on.  The evil action is the product of evil thinking.  And, the evil action is not only lacking a “long life” but also is capable of taking away its owner’s life though not immediately, definitely later very boorishly!  

     Sex plays an imperative role in successful life.  The difference in human beings and animal is that the former one maintain a moral behaviour.  Those who are on immoral traffic are liable to punishment as they are also susceptible to sexual diseases that can ruin the society.  Even if the right partners indulge too much in sexual activity, that also may invite ill health. 

     The requirement of sleep differs individually and a ‘sound sleep’ is considered as a symptom of better health and vice versa.  Lack of sleep invites problems viz. head ache, body pain, weakness, loss of appetite etc. and all these may lead to other serious ones.   

     During this mechanical life of modern age, understanding these fundamental requirements of our body and mind, one has to spare a little time in looking after his/her life style accordingly.  Always remember that not only body but also mind is involved in a healthy living and hence while avoiding junk food, environmental pollution/toxic atmosphere, very long working hours etc., also we have to avoid stress, anxiety, fear etc. that are connected with our mind and the same could be a reason for mental imbalance as well.  Always try to be in line with the nature and seek advice of a physician in Natural Health Science if required.  He, depending up on the ailment – whether acute or chronic, its allied problems and severity would suggest the patient with a proper diet, moreover appropriate Yogic exercise, natural methods, herbal medicines etc. if mandatory.  Also, as a matter of principle and in order not to take a risk with the valuable human life, he would advise the patient to be under an expert’s medical supervision with the aid of modern medical equipment, should he feel the problems are beyond his control and the natural methods. 

     Last but not least, the Mother Nature with her contributions to us i.e. the five natural elements as explained as above not only come to take care of us but also come to our rescue i.e. to cure the symptoms caused by our transgressing the natural rules systematically. When we perform according to the Nature, no ailments can conquer us excepting the old age problems and death that are a natural phenomenon. 

     Of course, THE NATURE takes CARE of us AND also CURE our ailments in a quite natural manner.  Thank you very much for being with Her and me taking a few minutes from your time to pay attention to this matter.    

NOTE: This article was published by Gulf Daily News, Bahrain & Nisargopachar Varta - the official magazine of AYUSH, Min. of Health (India).

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