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Complete Freedom From Constipation

Complete Freedom From Constipation

     Are you cautious enough about your health condition? If so, constipation and also the state of indigestion that are the root causes of a number of diseases are to be eliminated first from the nip of its bud itself.  Most of the health problems derive from a deranged stomach starting from acne, boils, gas problems etc. and its chronic stage results in piles, anal fissure, appendicitis, ulcer, rheumatic problems, high blood pressure etc., furthermore, even in cancer like chronic ailments! Hello, are you afraid on going through this list, which in fact is still incomplete?  Then, listen please.  Don’t worry, I repeat do not worry at all, but just take it easy and forget about these consequences provided you take little care about yourself!  A humorous grand father once seriously advised his grand son who leaves the home to a distant place of his work that he always should take care of  ‘Madhya Pradesh’ (stomach) and ‘Uttar Pradesh’ (brain)*!  The grand father was, in fact, telling from his experience in life that taking appropriate food in time and avoiding unnecessary tension are the key factors that one should remember always.   Since we talk about something connected with the former part here, let’s go ahead with the same.  

     Innumerable medicines are available in the market to get a relief from constipation.  But, it is not at all advisable as the same would be of a habit-forming nature and also would leave side effects due to chemical action created by these so-called laxatives and palliatives.  Above all, this is not in line with the true natural and scientific way of treatment and furthermore, self-medication does harm to the body gradually in contradiction to one’s expectation.   The Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic Physicians normally do start their treatment for chronic ailments by giving remedies, which of course do not contain any chemical substances (at least never in its crude form to harm the body – I believe), to clear the bowel movements first so as to remove constipation, if present, and even if not, to drain out the ill effects of the medicines consumed by the patient; while Naturopaths use to give enema so as to get the system cleansed without any medication. 

     Here, I would like to give the readers some tips - a few simple and natural methods to be adopted - in order to cure and also to prevent constipation of any stage. 

  1. Consume easily digestible food items only, preferably vegetables.  You have to control your mind and take a firm decision in this connection keeping aside your likes and dislikes.  Though not immediately, certainly you would be used to this habit in due course. 
  2. Try to take your food in time and avoid eating in between.
  3. Take vegetable salad consisting cucumber, carrot, beat root, cabbage, spinach, tomato etc.  preferably before the meals. 
  4. Avoid the foods and drinks that constipate i.e. bakery items, foods prepared out of white flour, milk with sugar etc., but take unrefined foods that prepared from whole grains etc. and fresh fruit juices.  
  5. Chew your food properly and avoid overeating.
  6. Include fruits in your meals, which could be taken after drinking water of your desired quantity or have a fruit salad as supplementary to your food. 
  7. Drink enough water after the meals only and avoid drinking during the meals.
  8. Drink decoction of fenugreek (boiled in water) at least after your supper.
  9. Avoid sedentary habits and take enough exercise, preferably yogic exercises.  Sitting in ‘vajrasan’ for a few minutes and doing breathing exercises in the morning would give wonderful results.
  10. Visit toilet for the second call of nature twice a day – morning and evening at regular timings.  
  11. Avoid taking more coffee/tea and also smoking.
  12. In the case of chronic constipation, cold and hot fomentations at a gap of few minutes on the abdominal area and hips (if a hip bath is inconvenient) while retiring, provided you finish your supper before one and a half to two hours, would be beneficial.  
  13. Last but not the least; avoid the food items that (from your experience which you come to know) do not suit to your body constitution. 

      As you would find from the above, there are no hard and fast rules to be followed but a few simple and natural methods are to be adopted.  For chronic constipation, which of course is normally followed by other imbalances of the body, it would be better to consult a Naturopath for guidance on the nature cure techniques including yogic exercises that required depending up on the cases. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  Don’t you like to maintain your health without any medication as far as possible and by adopting some simple natural methods i.e. without getting addict to any drugs but to a drugless therapy???

     Incidentally, my dear readers, I boldly recommend you to go through the Health Recipes written by Dr. Hemalatha Murthy in this magazine regularly and try to include such dishes in your meals. In this connection, I also take this opportunity to express my hearty congratulations to the doctor in particular and the publishers of “Nisargopachar Varta” in general for their noble tasks in building up a healthy society.

     Let’s now go back to subject matter.  Yes, a complete freedom - not only from constipation but also from all the allied problems of your body constitution and moreover from the slavery created by a habitual intake of medicines, which, of course, would leave ill effects - could be achieved with utmost satisfaction if you are willing to lead a natural life!    So, constitute your body in order not to constipate and thus invite ailments to lead a miserable life. 

     Thus, if you are in line with Nature as far as possible; then take it as granted that Nature will not let you down but will certainly take care of you to its maximum extent! 


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*Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are two States in India.  Madhya Pradesh means middle area and Uttar Pradesh means top area.  Here, middle area means stomach and top area means brain! 

This article was published in Nisargopachar Varta.

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