Monday, February 10, 2014

A Baby Boy’s name

A Baby Boy’s name

(A Witty poem)

A stylish name that nobody was named

Is required for my beloved boy

I thought a lot and lot

Alas! I am tired on this issue

I did ask you also many times

But, you fool say nothing as yet

I don’t want a name ending with ‘’an’’

As is the South Indian Hindu style

Which is a very old style of naming

And, I don’t want a name that is

In line with the North Indian names

Oh, my God, what will I do on this now

I don’t prefer a lengthy name for my boy

And, I do prefer a little strong one

Let me tell you something special,

As your name is Thripurasundari

And mine is Lakshinanarayan

Let’s name him after the first letters

Of ours like this – ‘’THRIL’’ J

Tuesday, February 4, 2014




Thirst, hunger, amour,

Desire etc., etc.

Can’t be controlled

Till they get subsided;

The man who is proud of wisdom

Sometimes may become animal

Which lacks the above –

Whether male or female!

So, sex-mania, if smelt,

Be cautious, cautious and cautious!