Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A tribute to my mother (Poem)

A tribute to my mother
( Published by Gulf Daily News in their Poet's Corner  
on Saturday, September 12, 2009)
My mother is not alive - it's a fact,
but for me, it's still very hard to believe.
Memories about my mother never die,
And they will only die along with me.
What a wonderful creation you are
amongst all creations of the Almighty.
I feel your value when you are no more
than when you were alive in my world.
Though you weren't educated that much,
you did advise me as if you were my teacher.
And your words do lead me still,
whenever I lose my hope in life.
You were the one to love me.
And, you were the one to punish too.
You were the one to console me,
when you felt pity after punishing.
Once you told me not to worry,
when you or my father had to die.
My father's turn came first,
And then you left, leaving me an orphan.
Oh! mother, you were my strength
And, you are my strength still.
You are in my prayers forever,
I will continue same for the rest of my life.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Pet Grandfather!

A Pet Grandfather!  


This was published by Gulf Daily News.

Hey baby, I am your grandpa, but

My mind is still thirsty to be consoled!

When I feel sad as if in my childhood,

I wish to be hugged by my mum 'n' dad,

Though they are no more since long!

I would like to enjoy myself,

Forgetting all the worries of mine,

Though I am no more a child,

Not even a youth too, and 

I have you people all to look after.

What a beautiful world was my childhood

That can’t come back in this life!

My baby, I know that you want to be consoled

As same as your mother by me.

Come on my darling, to hug me up  

As I was also a pet baby of my parents,

And, let’s console ourselves each other!