Sunday, September 30, 2012


(From my diary)

One of my colleagues started blaming  another colleague (but, in a humorous manner) in front of me in my office.  At that time, our Chief Accountant also entered in. The topic was that this colleague of ours is forgetting certain things and hence we have to see any other alternative. 
I could not keep quiet but tell them (all the three are other nationals not like me, Indian) about a man who remembers everything:
Years before I worked with one Mr Suresh C. Ahuja, who was editor of Blind Welfare magazine, in Mumbai (the then Bombay).  Mr Ahuja is a totally blind person (who lost his vision due to detachment of Retina when he was sixteen years old); but later successfully completed his post-graduation!
I assisted Mr Ahuja in reading the materials received for publishing.  He used to  listen to me very carefully,  make note with the help of  his Braille Typewriter and portable Tape Recorder – as and when required,  in order to memorize important ones. 
Our Accountant friend immediately asked me as to which national he is.  I replied, ‘’Indian – naturally.’’ 
He smiled and stated, ‘’tell like that, Indian!  No wonder!’’
- =o0o= -


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Right & Wrong

Right & Wrong


Those who don’t know what’s hate,
Don’t know what’s love;

Those who don’t know what’s distaste,
Don’t know what’s taste;

Those who don’t know what’s misdeed,
Don’t know what’s deed;

Those who don’t know what’s injustice,
Don’t know what’s justice;

Those who don’t know what’s cruelty,
Don’t know what’s kindness;

Those who don’t know what’s hindrance,
Don’t know what’s assistance;

Those who don’t know what’s bad,
Don’t know what’s good ;

Those who don’t know what’s lie,
Don’t know what’s truth ;

Those who don’t know what’s sorrow,
Don’t know what’s joy ;

Those who don’t know what’s wrong,
Don’t ever know what’s right for action,
In its exact and required meaning -
And, that's the essence of this poem! :)