Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ganpati And A Devotee.

Kalyan (Maharashtra)
Aug. 31, 2011





I was also there among our Housing Society friends to welcome Ganpati at Pathripul and bring to the place kept ready near the Shiva Temple in the compound. 

We could hear these chants everywhere during this Ganpati festival.  At the time of Visarjan  (immersion), the following also will be added.


(Oh, Lord, come early next year.)

Incidentally, I remember a humour in connection with this.

From Kalyan, Titwala  is the third Railway Station in Central Railway, on the way to Kasara.  Titwala is quite famous for Ganpati Temple.  I used to go there along with family whenever possible. 

Once, we were standing in a long queue for Darshan.  The devotees chant the same above mentioned words in praise of Lord Ganesh.  After an interval, one person will start and others will follow him.  Thus, one of the devotees started:






All of a sudden, others started laughing.  Because, the last one has no relevance (as during the above mentioned Ganpati Festival) as the Lord is there in this Temple always.   The poor devotee was tired and he lost his mind for a while and that was the reason for the occurrence of such a humour. 

Monday, July 4, 2011




Hi, my dear naughty baby,

What will you be doing now?

Do you know,  my eyes are burning

To see you again and again.

My mind is thirsty

To hug and kiss you.

I turn my ears with anxiety

To hear your lovely talk.

I wait for your naughty actions

That are mixed with good and bad.

Let me wish to cool my mind

By seeing your beautiful face

That tells small small stories and

That recites small small poems too.       

Thursday, May 5, 2011




The medical profession is not/should not be a business but  a
divine act/art  in reaching the patient in a natural way, as far as possible,
to regain the lost balance i.e. deviation from normal health given by the
Almighty.  I would like to compose the requirements in this connection, in laymen’s language.  

The word ‘treatment’  defined by me as a Physician in Naturo/Alt. Medicine,  
in my own words, is as under: 

                     Nip in bud

It is necessary for the patient to have trust in the practitioner that he/she
will handle the treatment in the best possible manner and the practitioner’s behavior should be in line with the same. 


The practitioner will be on a ‘race’ from starting till finishing the treatment
to reach the patient in regaining the health.


If it is not economical, it will be inconvenience to the patient and the
practitioner should try his/her best to avoid unnecessary expenditure
to be borne by the patient in treatment.


Ability of the practitioner, of course, is counted in curing the problems
suffered by the patient.


Totality of symptoms (both physical and mental) are considered in the
treatment by the Practitioner and not just the existing one or two problems
in order to give a holistic treatment.

All physical and mental problems are to be taken care of in the treatment.


The steps taken by the practitioner in treatment should be effective as far
as possible.

‘Nip in the bud’

A ‘nip in the bud’ policy should be adapted by the practitioner in getting
rid of the expected problems by the patient as the same is in line with
the ethics.


The practitioner should be able to tackle the inconvenience as far as
possible in the treatment with the patient in its required manner.

As part of the treatment, in Prescription also I have my own views as under. 

The practitioner should be careful in prescribing natural/herbal medicines 
to the patients that include advice to abide by the requisite natural methods
of exercise etc. to be adapted.

Here, I would like to define the word ‘Prescription’, in my own words, as


Let’s see how the above mentioned words - each one stands for.


The practitioner behaves with politeness and convinces patient of the
efficacy (of the treatment).  This behavior of the practitioner plays an
imperative role without which the patient may not make up his mind and 
continue the treatment.  In other words, it is to be remembered that lack 
of politeness and pleasing manner on the part of the doctor becomes a reason for the patients to abstain from the treatment. So, the same 
should be taken care of.


Similarly, a good doctor-patient relationship during the course of treatment becomes advantageous to conclude the treatment successfully.  It
becomes part of duty for the practitioner to enquire from the patient about
his/her personal matters, in its required manner.


The patients get enough encouragement in their activities that are needed,
duly pointed out the advantages and disadvantages.  ‘Without a bold mentality, nobody can acquire the goal at the end’ would be the advice that is received
by the patients. 


While, “Nature is the Physician” and “Be food your medicine” etc. are the
basic principles in Nature Cure methods, patients are advised to do some
sort of ‘sacrifice’ by avoiding certain food items liked by them, availing the
ones disliked  and by avoiding certain circumstances that create and/or
aggravate the problems. Ultimately, it certainly put the patients in relief and thus cure, in due course.


The doctor selects methods and medicines that are not only meant for
relief but also for complete cure as well as prevention of reoccurrence in
the future.


A periodical check up becomes indispensable for the practitioner to know
as to how the methods and medicines (natural, of course) work with the


Treatment is not for the disease, but for the ‘patient’ as from patient to
patient symptoms differ in same disease!  So, the system ‘individualizes’ the treatment and cure the individual as a whole!  


The naturopathic practitioner handles the human body and mind carefully; ensures to give a perfect holistic treatment than giving a treatment
for a particular problem which is not in line with the real science.


The Practitioner maintains the same/similar tempo – the same rhythm of
art of treatment throughout the duration of treatment as a matter of principle.


Before and after the treatment, the patient feels that the treatment that
he/she undergoes is the ideal one out of the rest.


While giving treatment, the practitioner advises the patient for availing
sufficient oxygen by doing breathing exercise/Pranayama and thus allows 
the body to flow oxygenated blood which is essential for a healthy body
and mind.


Last but not the least, the Nature Cure and Alternative Medicine are  methods
of treatment in line with Nature availing natural foods, medicines, exercise etc. making use of the five natural elements viz. Earth, Water, Fire,
Air and Space! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011



"TRY to forget me - that's the best way to remember."

These words are from one of my classmates. When I went on holidays

last time, I got a chance to go through an autograph book kept at

my home. It's been there for some decades. My memories flew

back for a while to my childhood and young age when I had a lot of

classmates and friends. Almost all will be fathers and mothers and

some must have become grandfathers and grandmothers too. During

this time, I thought what all must have faced and will be facing in

their lives with its sweet and sour periods.  Still, once in a while

like this, to be along with the memory of such a past is indeed a
sweet experience.