Thursday, June 14, 2012


Part Eleven  – BOY CUT  

Before travelling back to my work place on completion of leave, standing in front of the mirror, I told my wife, “I had enough time, still I didn’t go for my hair cut.  Now there is no time.”

She replied, ‘’bring the scissors from your shaving set.  I shall try to adjust at least backside of your hair.’’

Should I?  OK, no problem. I did so and stood selecting a convenient place for that ‘sacred’ job and my partner started it.

After some time, Maalu – my granddaughter who was playing, came to that area, observed the scene and stood there with surprise.  (She was coming and staying with us during her Kindergarten vacation period.  Malu looked cute with her baby cut.) 

Malu, asked, ‘’Is nobody here in this place who does boy cut?’’