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     Appendicitis is a serious intestinal disorder. The patients complain of abdominal pain that may start from the middle side of the abdomen and settle at the right side.    Almost such cases come to the Naturopaths & Physicians in Alt. Medicine when other systems of the medicine fail or do not show the expected results with the medicines prescribed subsequent to the clear pathological investigations, X-Rays etc. 

     Let’s see what this Appendicitis is.  It is the stage of inflammation of vermiform appendix.  With several inches in length and with resemblance of a worm with a closed end, appendix is located at the end of caecum which is in the beginning of large intestine.  In normal case, for the laymen’s knowledge, this vermiform appendix has no functions as such as same as tonsils in the mouth.  On the other hand, if both get inflamed, they begin to give problems!    

     Indigestion and constipation due to improper eating habits become a reason for stomach troubles and also the malfunctioning of intestines and appendix.  Moreover, the ineffective and unnecessary usage of medicines – those too giving ill effects makes a ground for creation of waste and poisonous matters giving additional burden to be responded by the abdominal organs.  Additional burden, I mean, normally the Nature does not allow any unwanted materials and foreign bodies to remain in our body and it naturally shows its tendency and does throw out the same without giving any serious problems as such.  But, if the unwanted and accumulated waste and poisonous materials in the ceacum cannot be drained out by the so called natural process, they become the reason for infection and inflammation of the appendix!    The inner lining of the appendix produces mucus.  Also, this mucus and/or the stool passed through become thick sometimes creating a blockage resulting in swelling and inflammation of the appendix.  When the inflammation and infection spread, the appendix may rupture which ultimately and unfortunately spread throughout the intestines and this process becomes easy particularly with the presence of germs there!  Both the children and adults are likely to have these problems.  When the blockage occurs, it affects the intestinal muscles’ smooth functioning as a result of which formation of gas etc. takes place.  It leads to the discomforts to the patient by abdominal pain, acidity, nausea, vomiting, belching etc. sometimes associated with mild fever   and all these become worse by improper intake of food due to loss of appetite as well.                           
     If not treated in its required manner, acute appendicitis turns into chronic and paves way to further tribulations viz. gas problems, untimely or frequent desire for stool with diarrhea or constipation (though both are contradictory to each other!), vomiting etc. giving a complete discomfort – both physically and mentally to the patient to carry on with his/her activities.  See how the entire system and thus the whole person is affected when a very small portion of the body is irritated by us knowingly or unknowingly deviating from the normal and natural manner! 

     The Appendicitis and the related problems can very well be treated by simple and appropriate Nature Cure methods of proper diet and Yoga exercises advised same as for so many other imbalances.  Banana (after removing the black seeds inside) with little lime juice added with honey is said to be beneficial for Appendicitis.  It is always to be remembered that while treating for the existing problems, all the possibly related problems are to be taken into consideration with a view to give the patients a “cure” (not a just relief) and further, also a  prevention from  the same or similar tribulations.  There lies the greatness of treatment by Nature Cure methods. 

     First of all, rest is very important.  The treatment, its duration and cure always depend upon the severity of the existing and all the related problems.  In severe cases, it becomes necessary for the patient to get admitted for the treatment so as to ensure a maximum better way to the satisfaction of the practitioner.       The Naturopaths put the patients on fasting, without giving any meals or liquids, except water.  Naturally, after fasting, the cleansing process of the bowels is done by giving enema. The same will be repeated, if required.  Similarly, the physicians in Alternative Medicine, before starting their actual treatment give their medicine with a view to drain out the waste materials and the ill effects from the body.   Fasting is important in the treatment by Naturopathy in general and in the treatment for Appendicitis in particular. A massage by hand on the abdominal area will be beneficial to reduce the pain.  If required,   hot fomentation/cold packs are also given so as to bring the pain into control.            

     Subsequently, the patients will be advised for taking only fresh fruits or natural  fruit juices of carrot, beat, good quality oranges etc.  Milk diet can follow the same.  After fasting and cleansing the bowels, these liquid diets of water, fruit and milk with its sufficient presence of food and water definitely make a clean and clear base for eradicating the ill effects. 

     Gradually, boiled green and leafy vegetables, grains, dry fruits etc. are better advised in order not to take heavy meals in line with the efficacy of our system of treatment.  The determination of the patient to abide by these is a significant factor to get him/her cured with simple, inexpensive but effective methods – not finished, without any ill effects that create by the medicine. 

     Another important point is that the patient should take maximum care in avoiding constipation and indigestion, as they are the root causes, as mentioned in the beginning of this article.  In this connection, sitting in Vajrasana for some time in the morning and evening does help the patients for sure.  While sitting in Vajrasana or Sukhasana, if Pranayama – Anuloma Viloma could be performed, enough oxygen would be available and thus the pure oxygenated blood starts flowing through the body!  Moreover, while sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana when Kapalabhati performed, all the toxins accumulated get out from the body!  Nevertheless, particularly in Kapalabhati, as the exhalation is sudden and as it affects the abdomen, it is not that advisable when the patient has pain in the abdominal area.  Also, some other simple Yoga exercises viz. Vrikshasana, Trikonasana, Sarvangasana etc. facilitate the patients in maintaining balance of the body to fight with the existing and related problems. 

     In a nutshell, Appendicitis, as same as so many other disorders is not a serious problem at all and the same can be cured if treated applying Nature Cure methods, as well as some simple Yoga exercises, systematically. 

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This was published by Nisargopachar Varta.

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