Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are Indians

We are Indians

(A skit for 5 minutes, by me for a school student,  as requested & presented by him and friends very successfully.)    

(Mike:  WE ARE INDIANS.  On  the stage: 1.  Abhijith Gangadharan 2……. 3……. 4…….)

(Four students come to the stage keeping their hands over the shoulders of each other, smilingly.)

(Mike again: Here come the four friends – Prakash  Shankar, Rahim Abdullah, Thomas John and Sukesh Jain.)

(All the four sit on a bench, behind the desk facing the audience.)

PRAKASH:  So, today is August 15.  Till the bell rings for assembly, let’s sit here and chat.  (Smilingly) It’s good that we got freedom not to carry our books today being Independence Day!  Thank God!

ALL OTHERS:  (Smile) Yes, yes. 

THOMAS:  It’s difficult if the freedom is too much.  That’s what we are experiencing.  Is n’t  it?

RAHIM:  It’s not like that.  Nobody should take advantage for the reason that we are free or we have freedom.

SUKESH: We fought against foreigners and gained independence. Our forefathers sacrificed their life for the same and it’s our duty to show them as to how we utilize the same meaningfully.

PRAKASH:  Exactly!  They did divide and rule us – with religion and cast discrimination. (Little loudly) Look at ourselves!  We hail from different religions.  So what?  Is there anything lacking in our friendship?
THOMAS:  You are right.  Nobody should think to separate us for that reason. (He draws cross from left shoulder to right shoulder and from head to stomach.)

RAHIM:  In a way, we, Indians are lucky.  Is n’t it?  How many languages, how many regions, how many religions and what a civilization and heredity, Oh, Allah.  Still, we are one.  
SUKESH:      Of course, we are one and one only.

PRAKASH:  We are four, yaar (smile). 


THOMAS:  Knowledge is power.

RAHIM:  Unity is strength!

SUKESH:  Let’s come to the subject.

PRAKASH:  I like our patriotic songs much. 

THOMAS: Who does not?

SUKESH:  Yes, We are Indians!

RAHIM:  sare jahan se accha  (To others: tells by action to sing together)

ALL: (By standing) sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara
ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitan hamara

(At this time, the bell rings for assembly)

(ALL move from their seats and walk out as the same way they entered – but this time hand in hand singing:

sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara)

(Loudly)  JA I   H I N D   !   


Courtesy: Google (for picture).

PS: If anybody is interested to use this skit, in future, please do inform me.  Thanks.  


Dr Premakumaran Nair Malankot said...

Tanveer Mistry writes (cut n paste):
great stuff ,liked it.

Thanks, Tanveer.

Dr Premakumaran Nair Malankot said...

Abdul Khader writes (cut n paste):
''Doctor it is very difficult to recognize you from the small picture of yours after making the maximum size I recognized that this is my Doctor.

It is very good, it is very good keep on issuing such knowledgeable things''.
ha ha Thanks v much, my friend.

Dr Premakumaran Nair Malankot said...

Jaya and Aarathi write resp.
Good one.

Thank u both. :)

Nalina said...

Unity is strength!
Good one

മിനി പി സി said...


Dr Premakumaran Nair Malankot said...

Thank you, Nalina & Mini for your comments.

P V Ariel said...

Hi Dr. Saab,
Well Written and Well Presented.
Sathayathil vaayichu theernnappol
romaanchamaninju poyi. Good one!!!
Keep it up.
A small suggestion, Maashe, if you can add the word “Jai Hind” somewhere in the script I think it will give a little more punch. I am sure it will fit into it.
Sir, in the first sentence there is a typo pl. corrects it as ‘a’ student. And please keep the fonts in uniform like the children enacted in the drama.LOL some fonts looks so small and others big. Pl. fix it. Thanks

Dr Premakumaran Nair Malankot said...

Thank you very much, Ariel Sir. All the suggestions made by you are taken care of. Yes, it was a mistake - I don't know how I put ''an'' there :)
I like your way of going through the matter seriously and making better suggestions. Thanks again, Best Regards.

P V Ariel said...

Hi Thanks Dr. Saaheb
For the kind note.
Keep Going
Good Wishes. *****