Thursday, April 25, 2013

Energy of Love

Energy of Love


Oh, my sweetheart, my darling,

Wherever you are, my mind

Will be with you to escort you;

I will see you in my inner mind;

I will hear your sweet voice;

I will smell your fragrance;

And, my lips to your beautiful lips  

Will imprint the signs of kisses;

I, being thirsty of sacred love

Will hug you again and again;

I will pray for you always

As you are the partner of my life;

My all these soft feelings

Are the energy to lead me

Till I meet you next time;

May this energy of love

Fill within us at all times!


P V Ariel said...

Hi Dr Saab,
I am so glad to be here, and happy again to note that the first commenter. Well versed lines.
Kindly arrange the first few lines
in line with other lines, the beginning lines fonts are very small, please fix it.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful love. Best Regards
Philip Ariel

Dr Premakumaran Nair Malankot said...

Dear Ariel Sir,
I am very glad to note your comments and nice words. Indeed, it's a matter of pleasure to have it from a person like you. A good encouragement!

Johnald Relova said...

what a wonderful subject, dr. kumar. thanks for sharing!

ഡോ. പി. മാലങ്കോട് said...

Thank you v much, Jonald.