Monday, November 19, 2012

We, our blood relations and friendships (My thoughts)

We, our blood relations and friendships.
(My thoughts)

When others see you, they tell, “You are like your
father/mother’’. Or, “like brothers/sisters’’.  If not,  ‘’like
your paternal/maternal relatives.”  Correct, that’s called the greatness of blood relations   Similar in appearance, talk, action.....  It is genetic. 

Now, let’s take ‘’friendships’’.  This also is not behind the blood
relations.  Why?  In friendships, almost everybody think alike,
do alike!  Of course, we surrender sometimes our personal opinions, if any, in order to maintain the relationships with others.  

Now, analyze about we, ourselves.  We  will have different thoughts, feelings and actions accordingly, if not always, at least sometimes.  Then what’s the difference between ourselves and these relatives and friends?  Nothing.

Thus, this analysis can be concluded like this, we, our relatives and friends are one!   If we think in line with this truth, we can experience a wonderful circumstance.

Don’t keep the difference of opinions in mind, don’t keep selfishness and thus don’t spoil the relationships.  You will not be at a loss.

If we are not thinking as above, in the evening of our life, we ourselves will feel as to where we did make mistake!  This, of course is the life experience of many. 

So, be cautious – think positively, behave yourself.  This is what I tell to myself!


ഗീതാകുമാരി. said...

nice best wishes

Dr Premkumaran Nair Malankot said...

Thank you very much, Teacher for reading and commenting.