Tuesday, June 3, 2014




Body tells the mind, if not you, I also don’t exist!
The mind replies with the same feeling,
It appies to me too, we will live together
And also will be together in death!
Alas! Those who involve us think
We are separate from one to other!
They try to make us happy,
Approaching us individually!
The body tells again,
When I am affected, you are also affected
And vice versa which is true!
We have to love and co-ordinate
For the sake of ours and,
That’s our existence!
The mind supported in full
And, hugged the mind!

Note:  Yes, they understand each other, co-operate and live together singing the music of life.  When the same becomes imbalanced in total, the music of life stops and that’s the rule of Nature! 

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